Mandy Troxel, EP

released January 18, 2002

All songs written, strummed and sung by Mandy
Mixed and Mastered by John Andrew Schreiner

During the summer of 2002, Mandy Troxel borrowed some equipment, set up in her spare bedroom, and recorded amidst the barking dogs and buzzing of helicopters in Los Angeles. The resulting e.p. is a beautiful handcrafted sampling of country guitar licks and songs about friendship, love and grace. Contemplative lyrics and a voice like that of a sympathetic angel, there’s a general sense of longing for simpler times in Mandy’s songwriting. Utilizing country, folk and gospel, these old-fashioned guitar ramblings shine. “Woody Guthrie’s Ghost” speaks to the age-old search for identity, while “When Words Lose Their Meaning” offers the observation of empty words in the aftermath of 9/11. It is a time capsule, not only in the life of this musician, as you hear her chair creak or the dog bark, but of the moments we all have as we navigate the monumental and not-so-spectacular moments in our lives.