Mandy Troxel's songs have the feel of an old friend, pulling the listener into heartfelt conversation with lyrics both wistful and wise. Her vocals, clear and open, offer up reluctant rejection, and the promise of pardon with a quiet sense of realism. I highly recommend you give this girl a spin.
Jan Krist, Singer Songwriter, receiver of 4 Detroit Metro Music Awards and a Kerrville New Folk Finalist.


"Against a sparse but effective backdrop of acoustic instruments, Americana singer-songwriter Mandy Troxel emerges from her far flung island home in the Puget Sound with a beautiful debut album. With a folky voice of clarity that reminds one of early Emmylou Harris, Troxel navigates the waters of love lost and found with songs that offer memorable lines, but no easy answers." Bill Maloney, Americana Singer-Songwriter, Vigilantes of Love


"'Blackberry Pie' could be used by blackberry growers as their official refrain — especially if their CEO were John Prine."  John Williamson, singer-songwriter