What a Wonderful World

Here's a book for this week. I love singing this one with kids during circle time, and often we play it twice -- once we sing it, and once we read the book while listening to Louis Armstrong singing it.

Sometimes I even talk about "scatting" with the kids, and tell the great tale of how it originated. Louis Armstrong was recording the song "Heebie Jeebies" with the band, and when he was singing, the lyrics fell off of the music stand. Not wanting to waste tape, he started scatting, and the recording popularized that mode of singing forevermore! (It didn't originate with Louis Armstrong, but the Heebie Jeebies did bring it to new ears in a big way).

Also, take a moment to look in your own home libraries.... how many books feature people of color? It can be a real eye-opener! If you're on facebook, this is an amazing list of books titled "Books about Black Joy", that feature black characters in stories for all ages. Another great resource of Children's Books is this list of Coretta Scott King Book Award winners.

At any rate, let's sing this one together...