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Women's History Month: Spotlight on Ella Jenkins!

Before March became Corona Virus Mayhem Month, it was Women's History Month. And guess what?...


This morning I woke up thinking about Ella Jenkins, and feeling grateful for all the songs I've learned off of her albums over the years. Today I decided to share a couple of my favorites. (Special thanks to Salmonberry School on Orcas for sponsoring this video).

Ella Jenkins has a million albums (ok, maybe not a million, but when your career spans over 50 years, you've got quite a few! My household's favorite is "Sharing Cultures with Ella Jenkins".

Also, here's a couple of links to youtube videos that I found especially endearing:

Ella singing "Who fed the chickens"

Ella singing "Okeechobee" -- I love this one because she's 86 years old!

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